Case Studies


Bakersfield Business Conference

Bakersfield Business ConferenceIn 1985, Borton Petrini & Conron contracted with Serban Sound to supply several microphones for a small business conference (200 people) at Stockdale Country Club, Bakersfield. In 1986, the conference moved outside into a tent, and once again contracted with Serban Sound to provided a small PA system for 600 people. The following year, Borton Petrini & Conron contracted with Serban Sound once again for a crowd of 1200 people, a larger PA system, and two technicians. Each subsequent year, participation increased—from 2400 people in 1988 to over 10,000 people in 1991. Once the conference exceeded 2400 people, professional touring companies were required to provide power, video, sound, satellite, and other production equipment. Serban Sound has since been the Technical Coordinator for the entire event, now called The Bakersfield Business Conference.

California State University Bakersfield

csub math and scienceThe new Classroom and Office Building Number III (C.O.B. III) project for the California State University at Bakersfield is a prime example of the critical role system integrators are increasingly playing in the design and development of advanced systems. Consisting of two two-story buildings and three one-story buildings, C.O.B. III recommended Serban Sound & Communications, a system integrator based in the Bakersfield area, as a means of translating technology needs into advanced, low-voltage communication solutions.

MediaEdge Success Stories

Media EdgeThe flexibility of MediaEdge configurability and architecture allows for systems to be implemented in a wide variety of applications. MediaEdge success stories include…

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp.

SumitomoAt the University of Maryland in Baltimore, an initiative to modernize the campus involved the demolition of the copper coaxial-cable backbone network that interconnected the five largest of 11 buildings that housed the School of Medicine. Founded in 1807, the School of Medicine serves as the cornerstone of a large healthcare center that combines medical education, biomedical research, patient care, and community services. It occupies 11 of the university’s 49 buildings and shares space in three others. The modernization of the School of Medicine entails plans to demolish and rebuild two aging buildings and renovate two others…

Revere (MA) Public Schools

revereschoolThe Revere (MA) Public School system is in Eastern Massachusetts and just five miles from downtown Boston. It serves a general population of approximately 47,000 residents with 11 elementary, middle, junior high and high schools. There are also 9 other administrative buildings. In addition there are over 1,000 teachers, staff and other employees throughout the district…

Telecom Reseller

Telecom ResellerVertical has had a large customer base in the education market for several years as a result of their channel presence and introduction of Wave IP 2500 and 500. They are building on this foundation by delivering cost-effective, flexible telephony solutions that offer builtin custom applications…



RFK High School Gets Edge on Media With Thomson Grass Valley

RFKWhen students at the newly built Robert F Kennedy High School, in Delano, California arrive for their first day of classes in August, they’ll be greeted with spanking new classrooms, professional-style sports facilities, and a new state-of-the-art audio-visual media laboratory complete with broadband Internet access and a campus wide video-on-demand system…