Company Profile

Mission Statement

A sincere promise to the community we serve to deliver excellence in video, audio and communication systems and support.

Company History

Serban Sound & Communications is a Low Voltage Systems Contractor located in Bakersfield, California (Established in 1968). As technology became more complex and advanced, Serban Sound & Communications added additional manufacturing lines in order to fill the market need for total low voltage communication solutions. We have continually stayed ahead of the competition by intensifying our customer focus and by providing comprehensive solutions. Serban Sound & Communications has always believed that a strong emphasis in education, service, and support was the way to distinguish itself from its more price-oriented competitors.

Brand Statement

Serban Sound & Communications is committed to fostering customer relationships built on trust. It is our responsibility to build confidence in technology. Taken at face value, our name represents the nature of our work: a collaborative, educated and honest approach that brings multiple manufacturers into sharp focus and offers unique and sophisticated solutions. At the heart of our operations is our passion for creating better choices for future generations and our belief that we have a responsibility to constantly learn and share relevant information to help people improve their lives. As we teach, we learn, constantly seeking the most current information and the most progressive, yet realistic, innovative solutions.

Positioning Statement

Serban Sound & Communications systems work. Our technicians are trained, certified, and prepared to skillfully install and maintain systems with a minimum of inconvenience and downtime. We maintain a staff of highly educated team players that establish lasting relationships with our customers while proactively providing knowledge, support, service, training, and installation.

Sales Commitment

Our sales staff focuses on customer relationships. We take pride in our professional appearance, detailed proposals, and business ethics. Our goal is to educate our clients so they can make the right decision. We provide the best products and service available by establishing communication, trust, and understanding.