Customer Protection Plan

Executive Summary

Our Customer Protection Plan goes one step beyond most service plans—with more features designed to minimize system downtime, making it easier for you to perform your other daily job functions.   These key features include:


CEST1.  Feature: Certified Electronic Systems Technicians

Service and support from our Certified Electronic Systems Technicians.  The C-EST® certification is an industry recognized credential for established installers and technicians.


Your systems never sleep. No matter what time of the day or week your system experiences problems, our Certified Electronic System Technicians can provide the proper maintenance for your systems keeping your downtime and inconvenience to a minimum.



2.  Feature: Defect Correctable Response Time

If we can’t fix the problem in the field, we will have a cost breakdown and solution to insure that your systems continue operate.


Responding to a service problem is not enough—resolving it and resolving it quickly is all that matters.  Our Defect Correctable Response Time feature guarantees an immediate response to your needs—reducing the amount of time your system is down.  Immediately following the diagnosis of defective equipment our service department will present you with a cost to replace the defective equipment.


preventive_maintenance3.  Feature: Preventative Maintenance

Specified block of labor hours required to support this Agreement are included.


Our Customer Protection Plan, combined with our in-depth technical infrastructure, enables our company to meet both your service needs—and expectations.

Availability: Weekly during normal business hours.
Defective Equipment: Immediate determination of out of pocket cost to replace defective equipment.
Labor Coverage: Specified block of labor hours are covered under this plan.
Cost Schedule: During our scheduled preventative maintenance if our field technicians are not able to repair a piece of faulty equipment we will provide a cost schedule to keep your system up and running.
Preventative Maintenance: Quarterly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance.